Our Mission and Focus

CollegeDNA was created to provide affordable, expert advice to students and their families as they navigate the University of California admissions and financial aid process at all 9 undergraduate campuses. We assist students and families by providing professional insight and real world UC admissions application reading and financial aid awarding experience. We guide students as they complete their applications, write their essays, and present themselves in inform them how to make their application stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of applications that are submitted to the U.C. on an annual basis.

Currently our focus is solely on the University of California.  This is our niche and one that we dominate. CollegeDNA, is the place where you will receive a professional review of your University of California Application.  Our reviewers are comprised or former U.C. application readers, formers U.C. instructors and admission office workers.

Why CollegeDNA?

Admissions: We know and understand what it takes to get into the selective schools of the University of California, because we actually read/have read applications for the U.C. and influenced admissions decisions.   While are review is not connected to the U.C. application review process, applications that have been reviewed by our consultants have on average been shown to improve their acceptance rate by more than 36%.   Our application, personal statement and follow up phone call can make the difference between admissions into the U.C. of your choice and the U.C. “4th on your list”.

Financial Aid: With more than 65 years of combined financial aid awarding experience at the University of California our professional consultants understand how to advise you on gaining the best financial aid package available to you.   We are 100% by the book, however the pages of that “book” change from year to year and sometimes form quarter to quarter depending on changes in the Federal, State and University based awarding systems.   We offer a 100% return of funds if our consultants can’t assist you in finding award monies equal to or greater than your Financial Aid Analysis fee.

Our Admissions Results

Students that have used our service has been accepted to the U.C. of their choice 88% of the time.   No educational service can guaruntee admissions to a school, however, knowing how to leverage and present your academic record in the best light made the difference for our students 88% of the time.

U.C. Berkeley:  46/57

U.C.L.A.:  103/127

U.C. San Diego:  22/29

U.C. Riverside: 19/22

U.C. Santa Barbara:  23/31

Our Financial Aid Results

Not all financial aid is created equal.  And not all financial aid is for “low-income” students.  In fact in the U.C. system many families that gross more than $100,000 apply and are awarded financial aid.

U.C. Admissions Application Review: $249.00.

Submit your condensed version of our U.C. application that provides our readers with pertinent information needed to critique your application and provide feedback on how you can strengthen  your application, essay and overall acceptance chances to the U.C. of your choice.  MORE INFORMATION.

U.C. Financial Aid Analysis: $299.00

Submit your confidential financial statement and condensed FASFA to our professional reviewers who will provide you with a realistic financial aid estimate and explain how to best present your financial picture to ensure that you receive all federal, state and University aid you are eligible for.  MORE INFORMATION.