Automatic Freshman Admission Eligibility for the University of California

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Automatic Freshman Admission Eligibility:

Every California-based student can apply for admission to UC by following a channel known as the statewide path. Eligibility required to seek admission to UC and follow the statewide path is a high school degree, diploma or equivalent.

One must also meet the three preliminary requirements mentioned below as soon as one passes the high school graduation examination to get admission.

Subject requirement through the statewide path requires you to complete the below mentioned academic courses. The following 15 approved courses must be cleared by the individual in high school to meet admission requirements:

  • two-year course of history or social science
  • four-year course of English
  • three-year course of mathematics
  • two-year long course of laboratory science
  • two-year long course in a language other than English
  • one-year course of visual and performing arts
  • one-year course of a subject chosen as elective in college

Examination requirement is simple. One must take the admission test which includes the ACT test with Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test. Besides this, one must also qualify in two SAT subjects tests taken up in two different subject areas.

Scholarship requirement can be ascertained by calculating the GPA score and the test scores of standardized tests taken by the candidate. It is mandatory for the applicant seeking admission to get a GPA score of at least 3.0 for a California resident and 3.4 for someone from outside California.