How Much Does the University of California Tuition Cost?

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What Does The UC Cost?

The cost of living and studying at UC for California-based undergraduates!

The below mentioned chart gives an approximate idea of the average yearly cost of living and studying at any UC campus. This is an estimate of the annual expenditure of attending UC for any California-based undergraduate.

Most of the students are spared from paying this cost as they opt for and are provided grants and scholarships. The most suitable option for students, whose parents have an annual income of less than $70,000, to cover the entire system-wide fees is to seek the UC’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan.

The total cost will vary at UC as per the personal expenditure of an individual and the UC campus attended.

Below is tabulated the approximate average cost of studying at UC for the year 2010-2011 for California residents
on campus
off campus
Fees* $11,285 $11,285
Books and supplies $1,564 $1,564
Health insurance allowance/Fee $1,046 $1,046
Room and board $12,980 $9,889
Personal/transportation $2,575 $3,352
TOTAL $29,450 $27,136

* Consider the above mentioned figures as a rough average; it may vary with the UC campus.

Otherwise, the undergraduates at all UC campuses are supposed to pay the same amount of $10,302 as educational and student fees. The total cost incurred on the students varies and depends on the personal expenses of the individual as well as on the campus. The fees may also be changed without prior notice.