Transfer Admission Guarantee at the University of California

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Transfer Admission Guarantee

There are seven UC campuses offering admission to each and every California community college student provided the student meets the specific admission requirements and criteria.

It is required that the student seeking admission to UC campuses should participate in a TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) program. One may also receive here several details, like complete information regarding admission notifications and review of academic records, beside guidance for the preparation for tests and education courses.

In fact, the TAG matrix in PDF format provides a comprehensive list of campuses participating in the program, the eligibility criteria of the students and the specific notes from each campus.

Procedure to be followed for TAG Program

  1. There is an online application form for TAG. It should be filled out by the aspiring candidate and reviewed with the help of an education counselor of any community college. Seeking the guidance from a UC campus TAG adviser is a good option.
  2. Once your TAG is approved, the remaining essential requirements such as coursework and GPA requirements should also be fulfilled in order to complete the TAG agreement.

Documents should be submitted in order to apply for admission to UC during the correct document filing period.