Types of University of California Scholarships

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Types of UC Scholarships:

Are UC scholarships available?

Yes – a number of them are available.

What are the types of UC scholarships?

Regents Scholarships

This is the most exalted scholarship award bestowed upon the students who have an outstanding academic record and personal feats all along their academic career. U.C. Regents Scholarships may be offered as per the need of the individual or honorary. These scholarships may vary from campus to campus. They may start from $1000 to the extent of covering complete financial requirement of a student who qualifies for the scholarship. Regents Scholarships are given to freshmen for a maximum time period of four years.

Alumni Scholarships

Alumni scholarships are awarded by alumni associations at some campuses to students who have shown excellence in leadership, or in areas such as extra-curricular activities or even in academics. This scholarship is offered by the alumni associations of some UC campuses to the entering students. The amount of this scholarship ranges from $300 to $15,000. This amount is renewed every year for the candidates who qualify. A candidate need not be related to the alumni (an old student of California University) for qualifying for the candidature of Alumni Scholarship.

Restricted Scholarships

These scholarships are given to students with specific needs. Restricted scholarships can be given only to those students who come from specific backgrounds and have particular academic interests and career objectives. To be eligible for these scholarships you need to check specific characteristics applicable to you when you apply for admission.