U.C. San Diego Financial Aid Office

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UC San Diego Financial Aid Office:

The U. C. San Diego Financial Aid office is aimed at providing financial aid to the students to ensure that everyone can attend the University of California San Diego for pursuing their studies without worrying much about their financial circumstances.

The San Diego Financial Aid Office serves every student seeking admission in the University of California, San Diego. They ensure top class service to all students regardless of their financial background and interests. Also, they strive to keep their database of information properly organized and up to date so that students and parents can get timely response to their queries and needs.

Not only that, they are also intended to be friendly and courteous in providing all types of individual and personalized assistance to their clients. Besides, they also make sure to keep the information they collect from the students and parents, highly secure and protected. Each member of the staff is a valuable resource for our office in providing help and support to properly manage the tasks. These principles express their concern for students.

The San Diego Financial Aid Office is an essential unit of Student Affairs and also it is a member of Admissions and Enrollment Services including the Office of Admissions and Relations with school, the Office of Registrar, and the Information Technology Unit.

For any queries and other assistance, you can reach the Financial Aid Office through the contact number, which is (858) 534-4480.

Mission of Financial Aid:

The aim of providing financial aid through the Financial Aid Office is to ensure that even pupils from economically weak backgrounds get the opportunity to get enrolled and study UC San Diego.

Financial Aid Service Principles:

  • The aim of these financial aid services is to ensure that every student who attends or aspires to attend the UC San Diego gets every necessary help, regardless of financial background and academic interests.
  • The authorities, are constantly striving to keep students and their parents informed, updated and organized in a timely and proper manner.
  • It is the endeavor of the authorities to give individual attention to every student. They are very courteous and helpful. The friendly behavior provides a personalized aspect to treating the needs of the students.
  • They act in a way that each staff member is respected as a resource and offers help and support to one another as well as to the students.
  • The confidential information gathered from the parents and students is respected and kept secure.

The Financial Aid Office is a significant part of the Student Affairs. It is also a part of Admissions and Enrollment Services, including the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools, the Office of the Registrar, and the IT Unit.