UC Riverside Financial Aid Office

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UC Riverside Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Corporate Office ensures that every student who seeks admission is able to attend UCR regardless of the financial condition of the family.

To ensure this, the Financial Aid web site answers all the queries that may come up in the mind of students who need financial help. Even the minutest details of the procedure concerning financial aid are provided on the site. Yet, for further assistance, direct support is provided. For additional queries, please contact us.

The UCR Financial Aid web site is designed to provide you information on:

One needs to constantly monitor the site for updates and prominent announcements. Each and every piece of information pertaining to one’s application for financial aid, viz. application status and the financial award concerned, will be provided on the site and may be accessed via GROWL (freshermen may also get access to this site via MyUCR).

Additionally, the UC Riverside Financial Aid Office is responsible for sending information regarding significant communications to an individual’s personal UCR R’mail account. They do this all round the year.

One must regularly check their e-mail account in order to ensure these mails do not go unread. Missing important email communications may even result in missing the chance to get an important financial aid.

Tips for all those who are trying to reach us!
Since the months of September & August witness heavy rush on the phone lines, someone trying to reach the office may often feel disappointed. Nevertheless, they would like all the students to follow an alternative approach. You can rest assured that the mails will be duly replied within a maximum period of 48 hours. They try their level best to satisfy each of the students despite the heavy rush.
Awards for the Continuing Students Are Available!
The Awards for the Continuing Students for the year 2010-11 are available in the sub-section Growl. It is advised that as soon as your award is ready, you must either accept or decline it. Though it may take some time to create the award due to system conversion issues, once it is ready, the aid will appear on screen. Timely acceptance would show up as credits in the mid-August billing statement.

An even better feature is that for the year 2010-11, Graduate student awards will also appear (on Growl).

A New System Being Executed on Financial Aid
Since a new system being designed and executed for the administration in the financial year 2010-11 year, all students are being requested to bear with us. Although, we understand that their financial aid formalities are important and must be completed on time, we ask for their cooperation and patience.

Their financial aid will still be given to them on time. The system has been designed to do that job faster and more flawlessly. However, initially some bugs may be encountered. These would soon be removed.

The changes in the federal loan process have also caused some delays and therefore more time is required in updating the loan documents, viz. the promissory notes on our novel system.

All the changes would be worked through and hopefully everything would be running smoothly after updating MyUCR and/or Growl Financial Aid screens by the beginning of the Fall quarter.

Expense of Pursuing Education at UC
Just a glance at these videos would make you understand that pursuing education at UC is within your reach. You might be coming from any background, but a number of grants, education loans and varied financial tools make it possible for you to pursue education at UC. There are several options for students coming from families of different income levels.
The UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan

Any undergraduate resident of California is eligible for this opportunity if his/her annual family income is less than $70,000. This opportunity plan will cover the full fee amount of the academic year 2010-11 up to $10,302. Click here to get complete information on UC’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan.

Defer PLUS Loan Payments While Students Are In School
If parents of any student already enrolled in the school has a PLUS Loan, they may defer its payment in case this loan was disbursed on or after 1/7/08. One may even download a PLUS Loan Student In-School Deferment Form to request deferment.
New Scholarship Website
Follow the link www.collegedna.com for a comprehensive list of scholarships available which may be availed by the UCR students. A variety of other agencies also offers scholarships with an intention to attract applications from qualified UCR applicants.

Procedure for Stafford Loan Borrowers
The procedure that first time Stafford Loan borrowers should follow is a bit complex. The preliminary requirement is that they must first submit an electronic Master Promissory Note online. Besides that, a complete loan entrance counseling should be completed before funds from the Stafford Loan funds can be availed.(more )

Procedure for Parent PLUS Loan borrowers
The Parent PLUS loan is given to the parents of aspiring candidates. For the year 2010-11, financial aid may also include a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan. In case one wishes to apply for that, a parent borrower needs to submit a PLUS Request. In case parents are borrowing it for the first time, they are also required to complete an online electronic Master Promissory Note.(more)