What Are Cal Grants?

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An Overview of Cal Grants

Need money for College? apply for a Cal Grant.

Cal Grants is the easiest way of arranging money to pursue studies at college. If you are a college starter you may receive a Cal Grant and never need to pay it back. If you are a recent pass out from high school or a high school senior, you have chances to get a Cal Grant if you meet the eligibility requirements, financial or academic, by simply submitting two forms within the Cal Grant deadline. It is really that easy to get a Cal Grant.

What is the Cal Grant deadline?
It is a good idea to apply for Cal Grant on or before March 2 as this maximizes the possibility to receive this award.

Yet, if you miss that chance and looking to start in the fall season, it is good enough to apply until September 2 and get admission into a community college. The only issue here is that Cal Grant awards are limited.

Amount of Money you get through Cal Grant!
Cal Grant gets every student sufficient amount of money to cover all the expenses at college including tuition, room and boarding, even books and pencils. However, the amount may slightly differ depending on which Cal Grant you get.

If you are lucky, you may get up to $9,700 a year. This is good amount of money to pursue education at any college, university and technical school based in California. The most amazing thing about Cal Grant is that one does not need to pay it back.

Here’s How to Apply
One should submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) anytime from January 1 to September 2. Beside this, one should also submit a verified Cal Grant GPA within the November to September 2 deadline. If your income, eligibility, and GPA requirements meet with their criteria, the money is yours. The FAFSA form may be filled and submitted online.

In case of a verified Cal Grant GPA, first check if your school can do it for you. If they do not, you may go online and download the form from the students section. Then fill it in and take it to your school.

Please remember that Cal Grant award is provisional and isALWAYS subject to THE FINAL approval OF the State Budget Act.